Schachendspiele 14 - Die goldenen Endspielregeln

Chess Endgames 14 - The Golden Endgame Rules

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Rules of thumb are the be-all and end-all when it comes to choosing the right course in a complex endgame. On this last DVD in his endgame series, the endgame specialist presents the most important rules of thumb. The first part deals with general guidelines such as "Activate the king", "The rook belongs behind the passed pawn", "Don't rush anything". In addition to such principles specific to endgames, there are also rules of thumb for the correct exchange, prophylaxis, the principle of improving the worst piece, etc. - valuable maxims that you should consider and heed in the middle game! The second part contains selected endgames from pawn endgames to endgames with rook and minor piece against rook and minor piece. Once again, Karsten Müller sharpens your sense of finding the exceptions to the rules. Because it is only in this ability, which goes beyond simply learning the rules by heart, that true mastery is revealed. This DVD concludes Karsten Müller's endgame series, which is already one of the classics of endgame theory. A must for the ever-growing number of fans of the Hamburg grandmaster!