Schachendspiele 13 - Doppelturmendspiele

Chess Endgames 13 - Double Rook Endgames

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Double rook endgames are common in practice and have a number of important differences to simple rook endgames. However, there is much less literature on them. This DVD is intended to help close this gap. Many rules of thumb remain valid, such as activity is the order of the day, the king likes to block passed pawns, the rook does not, and the rook belongs behind the passed pawns, whether they are your own or your opponent's. But there are also many new motifs. In particular, king safety plays a greater role due to the higher firepower on the board, which allows for many more mating attack motifs. As a result, the value of extra pawns also generally increases because they can provide valuable cover for your own king. The internationally recognized endgame expert also attaches great importance to the discussion of exchange questions, which now occur much more frequently than in simple rook endgames. It is therefore important to develop a good intuition here as to whether the attacker or the defender would benefit more from a rook exchange. Video playing time: 4 hours 21 minutes (German)