Phantasie statt Theorie 1.d4 c5!

Imagination instead of theory 1.d4 c5!

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Who hasn't experienced this? You've spent hours working on a variation, but your opponent knows one move more. Or you feel perfectly prepared - and your opponent deviates on the first move. With Eva Moser's DVD on 1.d4 c5 you can turn the tables: Now you're the one who's giving your opponent a headache from the very first move! No theoretical knowledge is required; creativity and positional awareness come to the fore. And this is exactly where Eva Moser comes in: Using selected games, structural peculiarities - mainly from Black's perspective - are explained in detail, as are typical plans and ideas and common tactical motifs. Afterwards, the knowledge acquired can be put to the test in an interactive test - with video feedback on your proposed solutions! For Black players who don't want to memorize opening theory but still want to play actively, the response move 1...c5 after 1.d4 is a hot tip! Training videos: approx. 4 hours.