Millennium ChessGenius chess computer
Millennium ChessGenius chess computer
Millennium ChessGenius chess computer

Millennium ChessGenius chess computer

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Verlag: millennium
Sprache: German, English

The all-rounder: Millennium ChessGenius M810

With a playing strength of over 2000 Elo, ChessGenius is suitable for beginners as well as experienced tournament players.

With ChessGenius, an almost unlimited number of difficulty levels can be set, and tournament levels are available for particularly strong players. Levels specifically for beginners can also be selected. The optional chess trainer warns of bad moves, offers to undo them, and makes suggestions for better moves. The average time per move and the maximum total time per game can also be set variably.

The very well implemented beginner levels are set in such a way that an attractive game is offered even at low difficulty levels.

Advanced players benefit from over 20,000 opening positions and analysis options with display of position evaluation and main variation.


Thanks to the 20 x 20 cm MILLENNIUM HighSensitive chessboard and the illuminated display, you can play comfortably and quickly at your desired level.

With 7 languages ​​(GER / ENG / FRA / DUT / SPA / ITA / RUS) for all menu and help texts as well as the operating instructions, there is the right language for (almost) everyone!

Suitable for travel and can be operated with batteries (3 AA batteries are included). A connection for an optional power supply can be purchased separately.

Dimensions : 30 x 27.5 x 3 cm , Weight 72 0g

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