Mihok: Static and Dynamic Position Evaluation for Coaches and Players - Volume 1

Mihok: Static and Dynamic Position Evaluation for Coaches and Players - Volume 1

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Autor: Mihok, Laszlo
Verlag: Youth chess
Erscheinungsjahr: 2022
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: hardcover
Seiten: 272

Chess as a springboard for the development of the player’s personality!

Chess is first and foremost a sport and a game, but it has the invaluable ability, particularly in young people, to develop extremely important skills through play, including logical thinking, concentration, endurance and decision-making skills. Playing chess well requires setting goals and pursuing them consistently and persistently.
You can't win without a good plan, but it has to take the opponent's moves into account and change them if necessary. All of this and many other topics are covered in this book. It explains the possibilities for limiting the mobility of opponent's pieces, the DASS ladder, the types of superiority, the importance and exploitation of open lines and various weaknesses, the unwinding, the three rules of thumb, dynamic chess, the dog-ear as an attack marker and the torpedo attack.

Laszlo Mihok is a graduate engineer, FIDE master, FIDE trainer and chess book author. He was born in Hungary in 1954 and lived and worked in Germany for 20 years. This is his fourth chess book, the most well-known being the combination book "Pawndynamics".
He has been teaching chess since 1976, an activity that has always fascinated him.
As a trainer for the German Chess Federation, he took part in six youth world and European championships. He taught some exceptionally talented and now world-famous chess players, including the young WGM Ildiko Madl and GM Adam Kozak.
In the 1980s he coached WGM Sofia Polgar and was GM Susan Polgar's training partner.
He has been the coach of his son GM Oliver Mihok, who became German U8 and Hungarian U12 champion, U12 EU champion and runner-up at the U16 World Team Championship, since he was five years old.
Recently he has been working as a trainer in southern Germany and the Alpine region, especially in Württemberg, and his students have won a total of more than ten national championship titles.

272 pages, hardcover, 1st edition 2022