Master Class Band 2: Mihail Tal

Master Class Volume 2: Mihail Tal

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No other world chess champion has ever thrilled the chess world as much as Mihail Tal. His star as world champion only shone for a short time, but it shone with unprecedented intensity. With his combination skills and his intuitive sacrifices, the young Tal overwhelmed his opponents, thrilled the chess world with his risky, uncompromising attacking game and became a role model for many subsequent players. In 1960 he defeated the reigning world champion Botvinnik, but lost the title the following year in a dubious rematch. But even without the world championship title, Tal was still one of the best players in the world. With the USSR team he won gold eight times at chess Olympiads. He was national champion of the Soviet Union six times. In 1973/74 he remained undefeated in 93 games in a row, an unbroken record. In 1988 he won the world blitz championship. Despite his poor health, Tal enjoyed life to the fullest and was a humorous and witty person who loved nothing more than chess. This DVD gives you unique access to the realm of chess tactics through Mihail Tal's games. Tal's colleagues called their tactics guru the "magician" because, as if by magic, seemingly incomprehensible moves came together to form a successful whole. But Tal was also a master of his craft in the field of strategy and in the endgame. Dorian Rogozenco, Mihail Marin, Oliver Reeh and Karsten Müller introduce the 8th World Chess Champion and his openings, his understanding of chess strategy, his endgame skills and, last but not least, his immortal combinations in video lessons and invite you to join in with the combinations in the interactive test. The DVD also contains all of Mihail Tal's games, many of them with commentary, explanations and tournament tables.