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Master Class Volumes 1 to 14

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No other chess world champion achieved such fame beyond the chess world as Robert James Fischer. But what was it that made the American's exceptional ability so special and enabled him to single-handedly prevail against the Soviet chess school? On this DVD, a team of experts introduces you to the facets of the chess legend and shows you the winning techniques and strategies of the 11th world champion. Grandmaster Dorian Rogozenco presents Fischer's openings and traces the development of his repertoire. Which variations did Fischer play and which sources did he use to arm himself against the top Soviet players? Mihail Marin demonstrates Fischer's special style using games against Spassky, Taimanov and others and explains the 11th world champion's special strategic talent. Karsten Müller is not only a leading international endgame expert but also a proven Fischer expert. His congenial video analyses of the legendary "Fischer endgames" are only available on this DVD! Combine like Fischer! Bundesliga player Oliver Reeh has compiled the world champion's best combinations for you. Now it's your turn! Try to find Fischer's brilliant feats yourself and enter your solution move on the board. With feedback in video format!