Master Class Band 7: Garry Kasparov

Master Class Volume 7: Garry Kasparov

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Garry Kasparov's talent was recognized early on, but when he qualified for the prestigious USSR national championship at the age of just 15, he was considered a possible future world champion worldwide. But on his way to the world championship throne, Kasparov had to overcome many obstacles. Kasparov felt hindered by the Karpov-friendly Soviet federation and by FIDE. In the end, he prevailed and became the youngest world champion at the age of 22. He fought his battles primarily at the board and enriched chess with his incredibly dynamic game management and scientific game preparation. Kasparov was ahead of his time when it came to using new tools such as computers and database programs such as ChessBase. In the numerous clashes with the pragmatic Karpov, two very different playing systems collided, although these two players were by far the best in the world at the time. In addition to competitions, Kasparov took part in many tournaments and always entered with the same goal: to win the games and tournaments!