The surprising Glek 4 Knights with 4.g3 in 60 Minutes

The surprising Glek 4 Knights with 4.g3 in 60 Minutes

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In this 60 Minutes we introduce a surprise weapon known as the "Glek Four Knights", named after the inventor, Grandmaster Igor Glek. This is an excellent one against the Russian defense that works perfectly and can come as a shock to the unprepared.

It's worth noting that Richard Rapport used this line to defeat Duda in the last Candidates Tournament, which speaks to the opening's validity. White often tries to launch a kingside attack in this line, although he must first get his knight out of the way on f3 before he can play f2-f4. He also has options in the center and can play either d2-d3 or d2-d4, depending on the circumstances. An aggressive central advance is something White players should look out for when playing the Glek Variation. These are clever ideas, a far cry from the often dismal reputation that the Four Knights Variation has. I imagine these ideas are not as well known to most players below the Master level. Black could easily slip into a bad position without realizing it!