First Steps in Gambits and Sacrifices

First Steps in Gambits and Sacrifices

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Gambit play and the joy of sacrifice is an important part of the improvement process. To become a strong player, you have to learn to attack and combine. Many then maintain an aggressive style throughout their entire chess career! And on this brand new ChessBase DVD, Fide Senior Trainer and IM Andrew Martin shows you exactly how to go about it all properly. There are several (fool-)proof ways to get better at chess. They are:

1) Work hard and purposefully.

2) Analyse your own games. Study master games.

3) Play a lot to gain experience.

4) Get good advice from a trainer and save time.

This is where the ChessBase DVD comes into its own. This DVD contains many modern masterpieces and fascinating ideas. Most of the games are accompanied by detailed notes for you to enjoy at your leisure. Gambit play is alive and well! We hope you will make it your own. Playing time: 3 hours 21 minutes (English)