Erste Schritte im Endspiel

First steps in the final

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The demands on chess players have increased dramatically. The days of long thinking times or even adjourned games are a thing of the past. Modern chess is a sporting competition that is usually completed without interruption. This also means that good endgame technique is more important than ever! Nobody can help you at the board; everyone is on their own! And if you want to become a strong chess player, you have to study the endgame. It's that simple. The DVD "First Steps in the Endgame" presents a framework that helps club players improve their chess. The video course is particularly suitable for DWZ under 1600 and of course for all ambitious young talents. Anyone who internalizes the key ideas presented on the DVD will automatically be guided in the right direction when taking their first steps in the endgame and can make rapid progress. Video playing time: 3 hours 12 minutes (English)