Sizilianisch - Klassische Variante

Sicilian - Classic variant

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There are many systems in the Sicilian, but the line that puts the most pressure on White's center is the Classical Line - Black quickly places both knights on their most active squares. This makes the English Attack, a fearsome weapon against the Najdorf and Scheveningen, completely harmless. In addition, the Richter-Rauser Attack, traditionally a main line for White in the Sicilian, does not lead to the irrational attacking systems that White can try against other Sicilians. The system of defense and counterattack recommended on this DVD, on the other hand, leads to positions in which strategic elements are at least as important as tactical ones. Against the positional systems, Black has a relatively wide choice, including lines that lead to safe plays of the Dragon or the Scheveningen with a move rearrangement. But the typical setup in the Classical Sicilian is the Boleslavsky System (...e7-e5), and this is what this DVD examines. This DVD gives Black a complete repertoire against all the systems that White can resort to on the sixth move. The recommended repertoire is not as risky as other Sicilians, but still offers Black many opportunities for counterplay. An ideal system for anyone who wants to get to know the wonderful world of the Sicilian.