Semi-Tarrasch: eine Universalwaffe gegen 1.d4

Semi-Tarrasch: a universal weapon against 1.d4

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Although Semi-Tarrasch cannot offer a complete repertoire against 1.d4, since White does not have to play along with his move order, it is an excellent complement to the Nimzo-Indian. It is also an acceptable way to escape the strategic pressure in the Exchange Variation of the Queen's Gambit, and also provides a reliable weapon against the most important systems in the Symmetry English. The resulting structures are similar to the dynamic Grünfeld Defense, although the game usually takes on far less forced contours, allowing both sides to develop their middlegame creativity more freely. By developing the king's bishop to e7 or exchanging it early with ...Bb4+, Black foregoes the Grünfeld-like pressure against d4, but increases his chances of blocking the d-pawn after the thematic center breakthrough d4-d5. Throughout history, great players such as Fischer, Korchnoi and Kramnik have included Semi-Tarrasch in their repertoire, which speaks for itself in terms of opening reliability and counterplay options for Black. The author presents a complete Semi-Tarrasch repertoire for Black, explains the main strategic ideas of the resulting structures and provides complete analyses against virtually all important variations for White.