Pirc-Verteidigung Band 2: Angriffsvarianten

Pirc Defense Volume 2: Attack Variations

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Are there any absolute truths in an opening as flexible as the Pirc Defense? I played and studied the Pirc Defense intensively for more than ten years and thought I had found the best sequence of moves against every system White had. Then I tried other openings for a while and when I wanted to see what was new in the Pirc Defense, I realized that things were not so simple. So the repertoire I recommend on this DVD is a mixture of the still good variations from my old repertoire and current new variations. When playing Pirc, you have to know how to react to White's attacking systems. White's space advantage gives him a number of active options, but an aggressive approach by White also creates weaknesses in White's camp that Black can exploit to get counterplay. There are a few forced lines in these variations, but almost all of them are based on the principles of development and dynamics. These basic principles should help you find the right answer when faced with a new development or... when you forget to analyze it! White's attacking systems usually lead to dynamic and double-edged positions with roughly equal chances. Often the better tactician wins, but don't be disappointed if the game ends in a spectacular, logical draw! If you study the DVD carefully, you should be able to get complex strategic middlegame positions in which the better player has the better chance of winning!