Englische Leidenschaft Band 1 und 2 - Ein vollständiges Weißrepertoire mit 1.c4

English Passion Volumes 1 and 2 - A complete White repertoire with 1.c4

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For many great players of different generations, the English Opening was a logical extension to 1.d4. If White waits before moving his d-pawn, he can avoid a number of Black's popular defenses such as the Nimzo-Indian or Grünfeld, and still lead later into lines that arise after 1.d4. But White can go further and build a purely English repertoire based on 1.c4 and 2.g3. That is the goal of my two DVDs on the English Opening. There are a few moves or systems (especially in the King's Indian) where it is objectively best for White to revert to 1.d4 lines with a move transposition (which I often do in my games), but the repertoire I recommend is based on purely English systems that lead to interesting play, although I point out possible move transpositions to 1.d4 lines when it is important.