Holländisch Leningrader System

Dutch Leningrad System

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Strategically risky or promising? A little questionable or, on the contrary, absolutely solid? A weapon for masters or just a playground for children? These are just some of the controversial assessments of the Leningrad Variation. All of these assessments are probably partly correct. Sometimes the Leningrad Variation leads to great victories, on other occasions it is the cause of embarrassing defeats. This DVD is intended as a strategic guide and contains explanations of all the typical structures of this interesting defense, mostly from the perspective of the black player. For the sake of objectivity, however, I have examined both sides of the coin, pointing out strategic errors and the typical plans. In addition to the recordings, the DVD contains all of my articles on the Leningrad Variation that have appeared in ChessBase Magazine, a database with all the games mentioned in the videos and another database with the sample games that you should have seen at least once to understand this opening.