Gewinnen gegen Königsindisch mit der Hauptvariante

Winning against the King's Indian with the main variation

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In the classical system of the King's Indian, White pursues natural development and foregoes the futile attempt to refute Black's setup. Instead, White trusts that natural play will give him a small but permanent advantage. The most important question is whether White can maintain the harmony of his pieces in the blocked position of the Mar del Plata Attack (7...Nc6 8.d5 Ne7) when both sides attack on opposite flanks. The best answer to this question is provided by the classical system with 9.Nd2, in which White's knights and bishops work together harmoniously. Many great players of the past and present have used this system successfully and still use it. Until the positions become very concrete, usually around move 20, positional understanding is much more useful than computer help. Engines disagree with many of the objectively best moves for White. But the author has taken this as a challenge to show that human intuition is still more valuable than computer processing power in many positions. The videos on the Mar del Plata Attack (which make up the majority of the DVD) show strategic guidelines and typical tactical ideas, while providing a detailed, solid and aggressive repertoire. The less forced variations (such as 7...Nbd7, 7...Na6, 7...exd4 and 6...Bg4) are covered in a more general way. The new interactive format helps to learn the opening faster and better. In addition to the general explanations, most videos contain test questions that help the viewer test their knowledge and improve their chess.