Wie spielt man Französisch?

How to play French?

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The French Defense is one of the most popular openings - among grandmasters and club players alike. A large number of variations require very different strategies. What is usually obvious for the grandmaster, the amateur often has to work out for himself during the game. Which plan is the right one in this position? Where should the pieces be developed? Grandmaster Thomas Luther and "amateur" club player Jürgen Jordan (ELO 2182) show the right plans and strategies for the French Defense in an interactive way on this DVD. The amateur has questions that the grandmaster would never have thought of on his own - but of course he can answer them all. Particular attention is also paid to the secondary variations: often neglected in many treatises, these are particularly common in everyday tournament play at amateur level and are therefore explained just as thoroughly as the main variations. Video playing time: 4 hours 34 minutes.