Natürlich Nimzo! Was denn sonst?

Of course Nimzo! What else?

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The Nimzowitsch-Indian Defense is one of the most solid and popular openings against the white move of the d-pawn. Black can create an imbalance in the position without too much risk in order to play for victory. It is therefore not surprising that many world-class players have this defense in their repertoire. On this DVD, grandmaster Thomas Luther and club player Jürgen Jordan examine this opening in more detail. The whole thing is viewed from Black's perspective and the player who moves second is given a repertoire for practice. While Jordan asks the grandmaster typical questions from the amateur's perspective, Luther explains the strategies and motives behind the moves. After watching the DVD, you will be well equipped to play this opening yourself at the board. You may also be so enthusiastic about this style of play afterwards that in the future the answer to the question: "What should I play against 1.d4?" can only be: "Nimzo, of course! What else?"