Expedition ins Caro-Kann

Expedition to Caro-Kann

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The Caro-Kann Defense is one of the safest and most reliable openings against 1.e4. The player who moves second usually tries to steer the game into calmer waters, and the decision is often only sought in the endgame. It is therefore no wonder that this style of play was preferred by world champions such as Karpov and Petrosian, who are known for their positional style. The duo Luther/Jordan takes you on a journey into the fascinating world of the Caro-Kann. The action is viewed from the player who moves second. Grandmaster Luther and club player Jordan show healthy, mostly positional ways of playing for Black. The presentation is interactive: Jürgen Jordan asks typical questions from the amateur's perspective and GM Thomas Luther provides extensive information. All main systems and early deviations are discussed with repertoire recommendations, and the typical plans for the middle game are also shown. This means you are well prepared against all possible attempts by White to gain an advantage. Join the two authors on their entertaining expedition and make the Caro Kann Defense your own territory! Video game time: 4 hours 51 minutes (German)