Einblicke in den Colle-Kosmos

Insights into the Colle cosmos

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The Colle system is ideal for amateur players who have neither the time nor the inclination to study opening theory. The piece setup that White uses in the Colle is almost universally applicable against a wide variety of black setups. The pawn trio c3, d4, e3 forms the bulwark behind which the white pieces develop harmoniously and the player who moves first can approach the middle game from a healthy position. On this DVD, grandmaster Thomas Luther and club player Jürgen Jordan examine the possibilities that this style of play offers the player who moves first. Various strategies and tactical options are discussed in dialogue, so that the world of the Colle system is quickly revealed to the viewer. This system, which is easy to learn and use, offers the amateur player everything he wants from an opening: secure setup, rapid piece development and good prospects for the middle game. This is what makes this opening so attractive that it is also in the repertoire of some grandmasters. Join the two authors on their journey through the Colle cosmos, and you too will quickly be able to successfully apply this style of play in practice.