Damenindische Duelle - Ein Wegweiser für die Praxis

Women's Indian Duels - A Guide for Practice

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The Queen's Indian Defense has always been a popular guest in amateur and professional chess. It usually comes about when White avoids the Nimzowitsch-Indian Defense with Nf3 on the third move after 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6. This opening was already examined by the author duo Luther/Jordan on the DVD "Naturally Nimzo - What else?". With the DVD "Queen's Indian Duels - A Guide for Practice" the viewer can expand his knowledge so that he has a complete repertoire with strategies similar to the Nimzo-Indian. Black responds on the third move with ...b6, can develop his white-squared bishop and put pressure on the center. Grandmaster Luther and club player Jordan explain the finer points and strategic goals of the Queen's Indian Defense in a dialogue and offer easy access to this opening. With many clear examples from grandmaster practice, the different ways available to Black are shown to resist any attempt by the player making the first move to gain an advantage. Enter the world of this content-rich opening and be prepared for your future Queen's Indian duels!