Die Aljechin-Verteidigung für den Turnierspieler

The Alekhine Defense for the tournament player

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The Alekhine Defense belongs to the group of somewhat underrated openings. This defense, "invented" and regularly used by world champion Alexander Alekhine, offers a number of practical advantages. After 1.e4, Black forces his opponent to play with 1...Nf6 right from the start. Attempts to avoid the Alekhine Defense are harmless. Since the Alekhine Defense is underestimated by many 1.e4 players, they are often not prepared. But you really shouldn't allow yourself to do that - because the Alekhine Defense offers many poisonous ideas and White can end up in a bad position in no time. On this DVD, Erfurt grandmaster Thomas Luther presents a repertoire for Black against 1.e4. The Alekhine expert shows the typical ideas, motifs and variations of the Alekhine Defense and shows a way through this strategically and tactically interesting opening. At the end of the game, you can check your progress in the interactive tactics course.