Gewinnen mit Flankenangriffen

Winning with flank attacks

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The flank attack is one of those ingenious ways to surround the opposing forces and reach your goal quickly! So is it really necessary to master flank attacks in order to use them effectively or to protect yourself from them? The answer is a resounding "yes!" In this DVD, FM Valeri Lilov shows the importance of understanding flank attacks by presenting a number of concepts and typical scenarios that a master of flank attacks should be familiar with. The role of the center during a flank attack and the typical patterns that one should recognize before properly initiating a flank attack are some of the topics that the author explains and illustrates with good examples from the best games of well-known chess greats such as Alekhine and Capablanca. On the other hand, the FIDE master also shows how to nullify the opponent's flank attacks in different positions and, above all, the golden rule to know when you are on the defensive. This DVD provides the answers to all these questions - and more! Video playing time: 4 hours.