Eröffnungsrepertoire für den Positionsspieler

Opening repertoire for the position player

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Do you like positional chess? Have you ever dreamed of playing foolproof openings where your opponent, who is waiting for tactics, ends up with nothing but a crushed position? On this DVD, FM Valeri Lilov presents you with a complete opening repertoire for both White and Black, consisting of various solid systems that lead to stable and flexible positions, while offering plenty of opportunities for complicated maneuvering and creative planning! Among the great suggestions for White, there are certain lines in the English Opening and the Queen's Gambit, as well as complete systems such as the Torre Attack. For Black, on the other hand, FM Lilov has selected the Classic and the Bronstein-Larsen Variation in the Caro-Kann, among others. Let one of the best trainers on the Internet guide you through the labyrinth of positional chess, where none of your opponent's tactical tricks will work! Learn to capitalize on your positional style - with the help of the Tiger! Video time: 4 hours