Angriff auf die lange Rochade

Attack on the long castling

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The best possible target for an attack is the opponent's king. Especially when the king is weakened or even still in the middle. But what about a king who has protected himself by castling long? Which pieces must you use to attack, how do you weaken the opponent's pawn wall and which motives do you absolutely have to know? IM Valeri Lilov will turn you into an attacker who knows all the tricks with this new DVD. Here you will learn foolproof strategies and techniques with which you can break through the opponent's defense and bring down the king! In over 20 clear video lessons, Lilov explains typical attack patterns such as the pawn storm and various game plans that correspond to the nature of the position. Another focus is on techniques for setting up checkmate threats. Lilov's lively presentation also benefits from the exquisite selection of games that awaits you on this DVD. Let yourself be fascinated and inspired by the attacking art of the masters. Then you will also have great fun with your next attacking game!