Angriff auf den kurz rochierten König

Attack on the short castled king

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Every chess coach preaches that nothing is easier than attacking a stranded king in the middle, but what about when he has already castled? After all, Her Majesty is usually hiding on the kingside, isn't he? So it's important to know how to successfully attack a short-castled king. And FM Valeri Lilov is here to help you with this tricky business! His DVD focuses on a number of foolproof plans and techniques to break down your opponent's fortress and take down his king! In several highly instructive lessons, FM Lilov discusses sacrifices on g7 and h7, as well as various ideas typical of certain positional constellations, including opening the f-file and destroying the pawn bastions in front of the king. Valeri also adeptly presents some of the most effective ways to prevent your opponent from mate threats, with his carefully chosen examples often leaving a lasting impression. Just the right time for you to enjoy the art of chess - with Valeri Lilov! Video game time: 3 h 59 min