Grundlagen der Schachtaktik

Basics of chess tactics

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In order to be able to assess positions quickly and correctly and to find clever sequences of moves, you have to know the basic tactical motifs of the game of chess. The experienced chess trainer Björn Lengwenus knows the problems of amateur players, those returning to the game and beginners and knows what you have to learn first: tactics. He explains the most important motifs so that you understand them immediately and shows many examples and exercises. In addition to the elementary motifs such as fork or skewer, various checkmate motifs (Damiano mate, Anastasias mate, etc.) are presented and more complex motifs (diversion, interruption) are explained. The better you know these motifs, the more you memorize them, the easier it is to find the winning combination in your own chess game. This DVD is fun and you learn a lot while playing!