Wie geht eigentlich… Damengambit?

How does the Queen’s Gambit work?

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“How does the Queen's Gambit actually work?” asks Fritz & Fertig author Björn Lengwenus and lets International Master Frank Lamprecht show him. The new Chessbase opening series “How does it actually work...?” is dedicated in this first episode to the ever-topic opening “Queen's Gambit” in a very special way: step by step, Björn learns when you can take the gambit pawn and when you shouldn't, which are the decisive squares in this opening, why the knight on the edge doesn't always bring “sorrow and shame”, and much more. Of course, he doesn't understand everything straight away, but Frank (almost) always has the right answer to his many questions. Very slowly, the path through the jungle of variations from the accepted Queen's Gambit to the Chigorin Defense is explored and, above all, “the spirit of the Queen's Gambit” is conveyed. This doesn't work by simply learning variations, but by trying, making mistakes and understanding. A DVD for everyone who has always asked themselves: “How does the Queen's Gambit actually work?” Video game time: 6 hours 38 minutes