Zeller/Hagemann: Forgotten Masters (Paperback)

Zeller/Hagemann: Forgotten Masters (Paperback)

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Autor: Zeller, Frank; Hagemann, Tim
Verlag: Kania
Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
Sprache: German

Unforgotten Chess Games was the title of a popular chess book by Theo Schuster, who introduced the public to the work of Lasker, Tarrasch, Capablanca, Alekhine and others. As a reminiscence of this, Forgotten Masters examines the work of five lesser-known, but sometimes very strong masters from this era.

Above all, the legendary Indian Sultan Khan, but also the Austrian Erich Eliskases, who remained in Argentina after the war, embodied absolute world class for that time.

Tim Hagemann is responsible for the biographical part. The Kierkegaard specialist and strong amateur player (Elo 2187) has already written books about Frank Marshall and the World Championship duel Schlechter - Lasker and has given the chess world the lost manuscript of Eliskases' textbook Positional Play.

IM Frank Zeller is known to the chess public through his appearances in the Bundesliga and through his numerous articles in Europa-Rochade and the magazine Schach. His literary work has been not least notable for Sicilian in the Spirit of the Hedgehog. As a romantic at the chessboard, he has dealt a lot with the ideas of old masters. In this book, he shows in an astonishing way how modern Sultan Khan's game was in many aspects. Eliskases is portrayed as a versatile pragmatist, and he sees the Catalan pioneer Petrov as a predecessor of Kramnik. Rotlewi and Leonhardt were also grandmasters with fascinating individuality.

228 pages, 1st edition 2018, hardcover.