Polgar,J: From GM to the Top Ten - Judit Polgar teaches chess Volume 2

Polgar,J: From GM to the Top Ten - Judit Polgar teaches chess Volume 2

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Autor: Polgar, Judit
Verlag: Quality Chess
Erscheinungsjahr: 2013
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: hardcover
Seiten: 392

From GM to the Top Ten continues the unique project in which the greatest player of our time turns her personal journey to the top of the world into a roadmap for all those who want to improve their chess game. In this volume, Judit tells how she rose from a teenage grandmaster to the world's top ten.

The previous volume, How I Broke Fischer's Record won the ECF Book Prize of the Year 2013.

“Sometimes, of course, a book comes out that every chess enthusiast absolutely has to buy. Judit Polgar's debut work is undoubtedly one of that select handful...” – Dominic Lawson

“How I Broke Fischer's Record presents a potpourri of nostalgia, entertainment and great chess. It is a tremendously inspiring chess book.” – Sean Marsh

“How I broke Fischer's record is a remarkable and highly recommended work that embodies an autobiography and a handbook in one. As the first part of a trilogy, it whets your appetite for the rest.” – Uwe Bekemann

Judit Polgar has been at the top of the women's Elo list since 1989 to this day. In 2005, she was the only woman in chess history to ever take part in a World Championship final.

392 pages, hardcover, 1st edition 2013