Millennium ChessGenius PRO Chess Computer - 2024 Version
Millennium ChessGenius PRO Chess Computer - 2024 Version
Millennium ChessGenius PRO Chess Computer - 2024 Version

Millennium ChessGenius PRO Chess Computer - 2024 Version

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Verlag: millennium
Sprache: German, English

The new Pro version M815: The classic in a new design

The new ChessGenius Pro offers fun for all players with its color display - and it is easy and intuitive to use. New games can be started very easily with the PLAY button: with white, with black, in 2-player mode or from a specific position. The powerful processor delivers lightning-fast response times at all levels of play.
The design has been completely modernized compared to the previous model: super slim, modern and with stylish figures that fit well in the hand.

With its 2,200 ELO, the ChessGenius Pro will challenge you even more than its little brother ChessGenius. Strong club and tournament players will also find their playing partner here. The opening libraries and the analysis mode ensure that experienced players never get bored.

The processor with 120 MHz clock frequency (2.5 times faster than ChessGenius) and 160 KB RAM (5 times more than ChessGenius) enables lightning-fast response times at all levels of play and outstanding maximum performance.

The software has been equipped with intelligent power supply detection and offers larger, expanded opening libraries.

The very well implemented beginner levels are set up in such a way that an attractive game is offered even at low difficulty levels. The chess trainer warns of bad moves, offers to undo them and makes suggestions for improvements for better moves.

For advanced players : 2 opening libraries (“Classic London” with 57,000 opening positions and “Modern” with more than 100,000 positions), versatile analysis mode, display of position evaluation, main variation and move number and input of any chess position.


The ChessGenius Pro is equipped with the latest Millennium HighSensity pressure sensor technology. The particularly smooth and extra-large chessboard (20 x 20 cm) ensures maximum gaming fun! A large, illuminated LCD screen shows the chessboard virtually and is used to display help and control functions.

With 7 languages (GER / ENG / FRA / DUT / SPA / ITA / RUS) for all menu and help texts as well as the operating instructions there is the right language for (almost) everyone!

Due to the powerful processor, we recommend using the separately available M811 power supply. The ChessGenius Pro also has automatic power supply recognition - the plugged-in power supply switches off the sleep mode for 24 hours, so that you can also use your chess computer comfortably for long-term analysis. With the switchable energy saving mode, you can also operate the device with 4 AA batteries.


The device impresses visually with a noble set of figures made of chrome, black chrome and figure felt.

Dimensions : 29.5 x 21.2 x 2.5 cm , Weight 550g

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Customer Reviews

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Viel besser als die alte Version

Der CG Pro 2024 ist in fast allen Belangen um Welten besser als die vorherige Version.
Er ist moderner gestaltet, hat wunderschöne Figuren,
und endlich ein tolles Farbdisplay ! Es ist eine Wonne
mit diesem tollen Gerät Schach zuspielen.
Die Drucksensoren sprechen sehr fein an.
Ein überarbeitetes Programm und weitere Spielstufen
kamen hinzu. Hier dürfte für fast jeden Schachspieler
die passende Spielstufe dabei sein, vom Anfänger
bis zum starken Turnierspieler. Obendrein lässt sich das Gerät auch mit Batterien oder Akkus und selbstverständlich auch mit einem separat erhältlichen Netzteil betreiben. Den Preis finde ich angemessen für das was man hier geboten bekommt.