The Sharp Scandinavian with 3...Qd6

The Sharp Scandinavian with 3...Qd6

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Autor: Martin, Andrew
Verlag: ChessBase
Erscheinungsjahr: 2023
Sprache: English

"Easy to learn and easy to play." These are the two characteristics that define the modern Scandinavian Defense and that have benefited club players over the past decades. Which line should Black choose after 1. e4 d5 2. exd5 Qxd5 3. Nc3? Here we focus on the sharp 3...Qd6. All the important answers are shown in example games, and the result is an insightful overview for club players that stands the test of time. Rather than memorizing every move, the author focuses on showing model games that explain the plans and ideas that the Scandinavian Defense with 3...Qd6 has to offer.

The Scandinavian Defense is a practical opening. You can use this to your advantage. Two helpful tools will help you incorporate this exciting opening into your opening practice. You can practice the variations using the ChessBase Opening Trainer. Practicing the opening moves, guessing how a position came about, or simply replaying the moves at your desired speed will make the ideas this opening has to offer even clearer. Playing positions against Fritz will help you better understand the ideas the author presents in his videos.

  • Running time: 5 hours
  • With interactive tasks including video feedback
  • Extra: Training with ChessBase apps - learn repertoire and play key positions at different levels



Windows 10 or later, Mac OS X (download only)

Windows 10 or newer
At least: Dual Core, 2 GB RAM, DirectX11, graphics card with 256 MB RAM, (DVD-ROM drive), Windows Media Player 9, Chessbase14/Fritz 16 or included reader and Internet connection for program activation.
Recommended: PC Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 3 (quad core), 4 GB RAM, Windows 10, DirectX11, graphics card with 512 MB RAM or more, 100% DirectX10 compatible sound card, Windows Media Player 11, (DVD-ROM drive) and Internet access Internet connection for program activation.

only available as download! Minimum: MacOS "Yosemite" 10.10

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