Master Class Volume 8: Magnus Carlsen - 2nd Edition

Master Class Volume 8: Magnus Carlsen - 2nd Edition

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Autor: Marin, Mihail; Müller, Karsten; Reeh, Oliver; Huschenbeth, Niclas
Verlag: ChessBase
Erscheinungsjahr: 2021
Sprache: German

New edition with 11 hours of video game time!

Hardly any other world champion has delighted chess fans and the general public as much as Magnus Carlsen. The Norwegian came practically from nowhere. A huge talent who was not systematically trained in the structures of a large chess nation such as Russia, Ukraine or, more recently, China, but who developed in an almost private environment. When his father recognised his son's incredible talent, he took him out of school, bought a mobile home and travelled from tournament to tournament with the whole family. The Norwegian rough diamond gradually received his finishing touches in countless tournament games. He soon received invitations to top tournaments and demonstrated his incredibly deep understanding of chess against the world's best. With Carlsen, computer-assisted opening preparation took a back seat. Instead, the sporting aspect of chess was given greater importance: deep strategy, broad endgame knowledge, energy and stamina are the trump cards of the new megastar in chess heaven. In 2010, Carlsen was already number one in the world rankings, and in 2013 he also won the world championship title. Since then, he has successfully defended it several times.

On this DVD, the ChessBase team of experts, consisting of Daniel King, Mihail Marin, Karsten Müller, Oliver Reeh and Niclas Huschenbeth, explain the game of the 16th world champion in chess history. See which openings Carlsen chooses to strategically outplay his opponent in the middle game or to achieve an advantageous endgame. Let us explain to you how Carlsen repeatedly finds starting points in apparently balanced endgames to cause problems for his opponents. This 2nd edition also contains new recordings from all authors and an extra chapter in which Daniel King takes a very personal look at Carlsen's games of the recent past. A team of experts consisting of four international title holders shows you strategic masterpieces, groundbreaking endgame maneuvers and exemplary combinations in video format, bringing the great legend of chess history to life once again.

  • Over 11 hours (German)
  • Interactive tactics test with video feedback
  • “Carlsen Powerbooks”: The opening repertoire of the 16th World Champion as a variation tree
  • Tactics training with 103 Carlsen games: 218 training questions, max. 525 points
  • Extra video chapter by Daniel King


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