Master Class Volume 3: Alexander Alekhine (Download)

Master Class Volume 3: Alexander Alekhine (Download)

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Autor: Rogozenco, Dorian; Marin, Mihail; Reeh, Oliver; Müller, Karsten
Verlag: ChessBase
Erscheinungsjahr: 2014
Sprache: German

Thanks to many fantastic attacking games, the fourth world chess champion Alexander Alekhine is still considered an attacking genius. But when he won the 1927 World Championship against Capablanca, the chess world saw that the Russian-born chess player - who had already emigrated to France by then - was also able to handle technical positions very well. The victory over Capablanca was nevertheless surprising, as the Cuban was considered practically invincible. After winning the World Championship, Alekhine was at the peak of his career in the early 1930s and won the famous tournaments in San Remo in 1930 and Bled in 1931, for example, by a wide margin. The world champion was also extremely busy as an author and, as a commentator on many of his games, provided deep insights into the mindset of a world chess champion.

As one of the best players in the world, Alekhine handled all phases of the game - opening, middlegame and endgame - in a textbook manner. So it is understandable that many later top players, not least Garry Kasparov, cited Alekhine as their role model.

On this DVD, the grandmasters and international masters Dorian Rogozenco, Mihail Marin, Oliver Reeh and Karsten Müller present outstanding games, amazing combinations and exemplary endgames by Alexander Alekhine and invite you to improve your own understanding of chess with the help of video lessons, commented games and interactive tests. The DVD also contains all of Alekhine's games, most of which are provided with commentary. Tables of the most important tournaments and other informative texts round off the DVD.

• Video game time: 4 hours 33 minutes (German)
• Interactive tactics test with video feedback
• All Alekhine games, tables, background information, short biography
• “Alekhine Powerbook”: The world champion’s opening repertoire as a variation tree
• Tactics training with 102 Alekhine games
• With ChessBase 12 Reader


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