Konikowski: Crash course in chess opening theory

Konikowski: Crash course in chess opening theory

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Autor: Konikowski, Jerzy
Verlag: Beyer
Erscheinungsjahr: 2021
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: book
Seiten: 350

The opening decides which direction the game will take. Since this part of the battle is important and success depends on good opening preparation, dealing with it is a crucial step towards success.
Building up an individual opening repertoire requires a lot of information material to select the right variations. To save work and time, you can use specific chess literature - such as this crash course.
The author has made an effort to present all the important openings objectively and without paying particular attention to fashion trends. As is generally the case, he has done so on the basis of general tournament practice, supplemented by many of his own analyses and those of well-known theoreticians. It can be assumed with some certainty that every reader will be able to deal with his or her preferred openings more intelligently after studying this book and will be rewarded with corresponding competition successes.
The author, FIDE Master Jerzy Konikowski, is a recognized trainer and chess theorist. His numerous books and articles have been translated into several languages ​​and published in many countries.

This book has been given a great honor. The work was included in the list of the 35 best chess books of all time on the website die-besten-aller-zeiten.de in the Books > Hobby & Leisure > Chess Books section. It is a great honor to be mentioned alongside the books by Nimzowitsch "My System" or Tarrasch "The Game of Chess". The basis for this list are expert recommendations, sales figures and readers' opinions. "In the opinion of many chess professionals, these textbooks and bestsellers are sometimes cult-like and simply belong on the shelf of every really ambitious tournament or hobby player" - this is a quote taken from the website.

350 pages, paperback, 8th edition 2021