Konikowski/Bekemann: Openings - Sicilian Defense

Konikowski/Bekemann: Openings - Sicilian Defense

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Autor: Konikowski, Jerzy; Bekemann, Uwe
Verlag: Beyer
Erscheinungsjahr: 2021
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: hardcover
Seiten: 158

What does a chess player need when he has mastered the rules of the game but in too many games he runs into difficulties in the opening phase? This question was the main focus when our authors compiled the material for this book and began their work. The result is a book that provides explanations and instructions for the Sicilian Defense, which begins with 1.e4 c5, rather than focusing on a study of variations.
This book provides chess fans with a work that is tailored to their needs and provides an easy introduction to the difficult and comprehensive field of opening theory. It is irrelevant whether they have studied opening theory in chess little or not at all.

The ideas and plans behind the individual systems of the Sicilian Defense are explained in detail. The reader should be given the chance to properly understand the respective style of play and not just play it through with memorized sequences of moves. Even the individual move is explained according to its meaning and purpose, if this is not entirely obvious.
With the knowledge that the reader acquires from this book, it will be easy for him to get into his practical game and play chess that is interesting, entertaining and promising.
At the same time, the authors provide the reader with a basic repertoire for White and Black, which contains the most important lines of the Sicilian Defense.


036 Chapter 1: Alapin variant

042 Chapter 2: Morra Gambit

047 Chapter 3: Grand Prix Attack

052 Chapter 4: Closed variant

055 Chapter 5: Paulsen Variation

059 Chapter 6: Kalashnikov variant

062 Chapter 7: Löwenthal Variation

066 Chapter 8: Sveshnikov Variation

069 Chapter 9: Richter-Rauser Attack

074 Chapter 10: Sosin Variation

079 Chapter 11: Boleslawski System

081 Chapter 12: Marocy Attack

084 Chapter 13: Scheveningen System

088 Chapter 14: Dragon Variation

095 Chapter 15: English Attack 6.Le3

100 Chapter 16: English Attack 6.f3

102 Chapters 17 to 31: Naijdorf Variation

158 pages, hardcover, 2nd edition 2021