Eröffnungsfallen - Die Superklassiker

Opening traps - The super classics

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Opening traps lurk everywhere and more often than you think, just a step away from the main variations. And who wants to be standing in front of the ruins of their position after just a few moves? This DVD offers you the best chance of conquering trap supremacy on the board and thus enjoying the odd short game. The Leipzig grandmaster and trap expert Rainer Knaak presents you with a total of 46 traps from the entire opening spectrum in video format (the focus is on openings with 1.e4). None of the traps are trivial, but the selection is characterized by a high "failure potential": The traps hide in common positions under "natural" moves and therefore offer excellent prospects of success for the trapper. Some of them are already classics, others have what it takes. Let Rainer Knaak show you the potential that lies dormant in your favorite variations, or inspire you to expand your own repertoire with a promising trap or even design a new one. Video game time: 4 hours 10 min