Power Play 19: Angreifen mit 1.e4 - Teil 2

Power Play 19: Attacking with 1.e4 - Part 2

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This DVD offers you an attack repertoire against the following openings: Scandinavian, Alekhine Defense, Russian, Philidor Defense, Pirc Defense and Modern Defense (1. e4 g6). Many of these openings are very popular in amateur and club chess. Nevertheless, white players often tend to underestimate them. Grandmaster Daniel King uses his immense wealth of experience as a 1.e4 player to present and explain an attack repertoire against each of these systems on this DVD. As on his first DVD “Attacking with 1.e4” (which covered the Sicilian, French, 1…e5 and Caro-Kann), King's recommendations here are also aimed at putting the opponent under pressure from the first move. Because when a player is under pressure, he also makes mistakes! In this sense, this DVD offers you a very practical repertoire. Once you have watched King's video lessons, you can use these variations in your own tournament practice with good prospects of success. And you will see that after just a few moves you will be dictating what happens on the board. Video playing time: 5 hours 20 minutes (German)