Power Play 22: Französisch: Ein Repertoire für Schwarz

Power Play 22: French: A Repertoire for Black

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French is one of the safest openings against 1 e4. The solid pawn chain in the center protects the black king and forms the basis for counterattacks on both wings. On this DVD, Grandmaster Daniel King presents a French repertoire for Black. With the help of ten standard games, all the important variations that White can play against French are explained. French is one of the most flexible openings and this DVD recommends a number of different systems. This way you remain flexible and your opponents don't know which variations to prepare for. Daniel King examines complete games and shows typical strategies for both sides. In addition, these model games make you want to play French. This DVD is interactive. At important moments in the game, Grandmaster King pauses and asks you to find and play the best move. He responds to your suggestions via video feedback.