Die Kunst des Königsangriffs

The Art of the King Attack

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King's attack - just the thought of it makes every chess player's heart beat faster! The opposing monarch in sight, spectacular sacrifices, a nice final combination and your own little "immortal" is created. But from a practical point of view, there is more to this than the flower of chess romanticism, because even very strong opponents often react nervously and uncertainly when their king is in danger. No wonder - a single mistake here plunges you into the abyss and a direct checkmate often seems more shameful than a slow endgame defeat. But why do so many king's attacks fail in practice? Why is it often the opponent who only has to collect the sad remains of the bold attack troops at the end? On this DVD, we will take a close look at the decisive prerequisites for every successful king's attack in the form of seven clear criteria and derive the optimal attack strategies from them. Interactive test positions at the end of the DVD show you how far you have already come on the way to becoming the dreaded king hunter.