Kindermann: Check!

Kindermann: Check!

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Autor: Kindermann, Stefan
Verlag: Knesebeck
Erscheinungsjahr: 2006
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: hardcover
Seiten: 80

Chess! - For young beginners

The game of kings is child's play.
Check! is now the order of the day for the white king, after his beloved queen has fallen victim to the black army. But the king is not lost as long as his faithful king's pawn is still with him. Because it has a mysterious ability...

This entertaining textbook introduces beginners step by step to the rules and history of chess. The individual pieces are introduced, and important move variations and strategic tricks are explained. Puzzles can be used to test understanding and small exercises can be used to consolidate the knowledge acquired.

An appendix summarizes the important information. The “Game of Kings” can begin!

Stefan Kindermann is an international chess grandmaster and founded the Munich Chess Academy in 2006, which is unique in Western Europe. The SZ chess columnist has published several books on special topics related to the game. Chess! is his first children's book, inspired by his five-year-old daughter - already an accomplished chess player.
Anne Franke is a painter and graphic artist. She has already illustrated several books, including a children's book.

80 pages, 2006, hardcover.