Hickl, Zude, Schupp: The power of the farmers

Hickl, Zude, Schupp: The power of the farmers

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Autor: Hickl, Jörg; Zude, Erik; Schupp, Uwe
Verlag: Chess trips
Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: book
Seiten: 183

The interaction between pawns and pieces is a challenge for every chess player. Much depends on the smallest unit in chess.

The focus is on important questions:

  • What structure should be aimed for?
  • What are the special features of the position and what is the right plan?
  • How can the characters be staged effectively?

In "The Power of Pawns" the authors use practical examples to explain typical structures and strategies. In the introductory section they examine the respective effects of the pawn position on the individual pieces. The second part of the book deals in detail with the most important pawn constellations. Great emphasis is placed on the understandable presentation of positional characteristics and both sides' plans.

Studying the extensively commented grandmaster games, which include numerous practical tips, increases the reader's understanding of chess and helps them achieve better results in their own practice.

The book is aimed at club players with DWZ/Elo from 1300 to 2200.

The authors:

GM Jörg Hickl, International Grandmaster since 1988, has played for the German national team almost one hundred times. In addition to various German team championship titles, he won the German Individual Championship in 1998. In recent years he has devoted himself increasingly to organizing chess trips and training club players.

IM Dr. Erik Zude , International Master since 2006, won the Hessian individual championship in 1989 as well as numerous individual and team titles at state level. He plays for SV Hofheim in the Bundesliga.

Uwe Schupp was a member of the chess performance center in Altensteig/Black Forest, founded by GM Ludek Pachmann, and was, among other things, a multiple German school chess team champion. He works as a financial analyst in a major German bank in Frankfurt.

183 pages, paperback, 2nd edition 2018