Herbold: The Chess Therapist - Volume 1

Herbold: The Chess Therapist - Volume 1

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Autor: Herbold, Manfred
Verlag: The chess therapist
Erscheinungsjahr: 2017
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: book
Seiten: 180

Off to the coach

"The chess therapist is expanding his practice. After many years in the depths of the Internet and countless therapy sessions, especially with his long-term patient Lobrehd, he has finally organized his reports on the confused chess warriors and is presenting them in printed form. Armed with this groundbreaking equipment, every chess warrior, whether recruit or front-line soldier, is psychologically fully equipped to survive on any battlefield on this planet." IM Georgios Souleidis

"All too often, chess is seen as a purely cognitive problem. But every single chess decision is based on feelings. The important role of the subconscious and the immense psychological tension during a game suggest this.
There are three opponents to defeat in a game of chess: the enemy pieces, the opponent's psyche and, above all, your own ego. I therefore really approve of your psychological approach to chess." GM Matthias Wahls

The author CM (Master Candidate) Manfred Herbold (highest ELO 2240) has been playing tournament chess at home and abroad for over 30 years. His games and articles have been published in Informator, New in Chess and Rochade Europa, among others. The trained secondary school teacher also holds chess seminars in several German chess clubs.
In addition to his professional qualifications, humor is always his second pillar. In his first work, he not only puts his patients on the couch, but also the readers.

20 humorous stories from the chess therapist's practice with many entertaining chess games.
In addition, there are 10 guest contributions from Franz Jittenmeier, Rainer Schlenker, Hartmut Metz, Karl Groß, among others. 10 extras, as well as many caricatures by Fränk Stiefel and quotations on the respective chapters round off the work.

2nd revised edition 2017, 180 pages, paperback, German