Hendriks: First pull, then think

Hendriks: First pull, then think

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Autor: Hendriks, Willy
Verlag: New in Chess
Erscheinungsjahr: 2014
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: book
Seiten: 256

Sense and nonsense in chess training

In chess theory it is generally said that one only needs to concentrate on the characteristics of a position. If one follows a few rules of thumb, one will more or less automatically produce good moves.

But that is not how things work, as international master Willy Hendriks points out.

Neither weak nor strong players first make a plan before considering candidate moves.

The trial and error method is a very common and indeed very effective way to find the best move.

On his journey into the chess player's mind, Hendriks draws on the latest scientific findings on how the brain works.

It raises some interesting questions:

* Can anyone (talented or not) become a grandmaster?

* Why does the advice of a chess coach often sound like a horoscope?

* Can you find strong moves by working through a to-do list?

* Can one achieve master strength without ever having developed a plan?

In this refreshing, entertaining and extremely instructive book, Willy Hendriks shows how you can take the path to chess improvement with little baggage!

Contains a wealth of valuable training material.

Willy Hendriks (1966) is an international master and has been working as a chess trainer for 25 years. Inspired by recent developments in cognitive science, he questions the common understanding of chess teaching.

256 pages, paperback, 2014