Key Concepts of Chess - Pawn Structures Vol.1

Key Concepts of Chess - Pawn Structures Vol.1

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Autor: Groten, Herman
Verlag: ChessBase
Erscheinungsjahr: 2023
Sprache: English

This video series is all about chess strategy for club players, explained in a simple way with clear examples! It's about focusing on certain topics and using certain pawn structures. The central question is: how can the pieces be placed on good squares and what should we keep in mind? IM Herman Grooten will offer rules of thumb and concepts to give the viewer the necessary guidance to find the right paths in their own games.

In this two-part video course, the focus is on typical pawn structures that occur quite frequently in games and are probably well known to club chess players. In this video course, the topics "open and half-open lines" and "the pawn chain" are covered in detail.

• Video running time: 6 hours 30 minutes (English)
• With interactive training including video feedback
• EExtra: Training with ChessBase apps - Play key positions against Fritz at different levels


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