Géczy/Halász: The big chess book for children - Become a professional while playing

Géczy/Halász: The big chess book for children - Become a professional while playing

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Autor: Halasz, Ferenc; Geczy, Zoltán
Verlag: Circon
Erscheinungsjahr: 2019
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: hardcover
Seiten: 152

Queen, king, rook - welcome to the magical world of chess! Here, children aged 8 and over learn everything about the important basics and rules of one of the most famous board games in the world. Starting from the basic position, the young chess professionals and those who want to become one learn the Know the chess pieces and their special features. Many strategic tricks and move variations are also shown step by step.


The big chess book for children is the first and introductory volume of the successful chess book series for children, consisting of the two other titles "Chess Tricks for Children" and "Chess Training for Children". This children's book explains the basics of one of the most popular board games in the world to children aged 8 and over in a playful and step-by-step manner. Starting with the basic position, all chess pieces and their properties are explained, and the most important rules, tricks and moves are gradually explained to the kids. Short stories and explanations break up the learning content and provide a little break for thought. The popular, colorful comic illustrations, which of course are also included in the two subsequent volumes, illustrate the content in a child-friendly way and also provide lots of fun!


In just under 150 pages, not only basic knowledge, such as the structure of a chessboard, is explained, but also the various openings, game combinations and endgames are shown. There are also valuable tips and advice on the correct etiquette at the chessboard! This way, kids can get to know the world of chess in a relaxed way and maybe one day they will become as good as Beth Harmon in "The Queen's Gambit" - who knows?

  • Numerous chessboard illustrations: The various game constellations are illustrated on almost every page of the chess book in order to visually illustrate what is being explained and thus make it easier for children to understand.
  • Popular comic illustrations: The funny chess cartoon characters accompany the little chess players through training, “loosen up” the material and bring the world of chess to life.
  • Particularly suitable for beginners: At the beginning, the most important basics are explained. Rules, tricks and different move variations follow little by little, so that you can become an absolute chess expert.

Let the game begin and get to the chessboard!

152 pages, hardcover, 7th edition 2019, first edition 2018

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Chess Tigers Empfehlung
liebevolle Illustrationen

Die große Stärke dieses Buches besteht in der Kombinationen aus kurzen Erklärtexten und einer dazugehörigen Illustration. Man findet also immer zwei bis drei Sätze und ein passendes kindgerechtes Bild dazu.

Zu Anfang werden die Figuren erklärt, anschließend zwei Eröffnungen (Spanisch, Slawisch) und einige taktische Kombinationen und Mattmuster. Was leider fehlt sind Minispiele wie z.B. das Springeräpfelspiel oder die Bärenthaler Bauernkloppe.

Der letzte Teil behandelt Endspiele. Die dort gezeigten Endspiele sind - gerade im Vergleich zum Anfang, wo ja nur die Figuren erklärt werden - recht schwer.

Vorteil: guter Aufbau, schöne Illustrationen, kindgerecht erklärt
Nachteil: Minispiele fehlen, Endspielteil recht schwer