Fritz & Fertig Folge 1 bis 4

Fritz & Fertig Episodes 1 to 4

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Autor: Lengwenus, Björn
Verlag: ChessBase
Sprache: German

What is the best way for children to learn chess? Through play! Fritz & Fertig has set international standards, won numerous awards and has been translated into 17 languages.

In episode 1, you will learn all the basics of chess in a fun, imaginative chess adventure: the movements of the pieces, capturing, checkmating and all the special rules such as castling and en passant. Until you finally get to prove your skills in the arena against King Black!

Opening, tactics, strategy and endgame are trained in interactive game modules in episode 2. Pawn promotion, opening principles and many tactical motifs are always clearly presented and can be practiced intensively. With the many exciting and funny games, children (and adults) learn chess with lots of fun and enjoyment! Both learning programs have received numerous awards and are recommended by the German Chess Federation

Episode 3 includes: Introduction of the chess clock, mental roadmap, opening tree, motifs: diversion, interruption, removing defensive pieces, recognizing checkmate motifs, chess variants (blitz chess, robber chess) and endgame training (rook against pawn, key fields, checkmate with knight and bishop and much more).

In episode 4 "Chess for Aliens" you will learn: opening training (Queen's Gambit), game analysis, mating motifs, tactical motifs (blockade, evacuation), strategy (space, time), endgame training (pawn breakthrough, passed pawns), draw strategies, chess variants (protest chess, dice chess)

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