Fritz&Fertig Schach-Arbeitsheft für Lehrer

Fritz&Fertig Chess Workbook for Teachers

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Autor: Hilbert, Joerg; Lengwenus, Björn
Verlag: Fifth
Erscheinungsjahr: 2017
Sprache: German
Buchumschlag: book
Seiten: 132

The positive effect of chess lessons in primary schools is well known: the ability to concentrate is increased, mathematical and analytical thinking is practiced in a playful way and the children's social behavior also improves. But how do you teach chess at school?

For years, Fritz & Fertig has been the leading international chess learning program for children, with which hundreds of thousands of children worldwide have learned to play chess independently. For use in school lessons, the Fritz & Fertig authors Björn Lengwenus (headmaster in Hamburg) and Jörg Hilbert (author of Ritter Rost, among others) have developed a comprehensive and beautifully illustrated chess workbook for teachers. It offers a comprehensive and tried-and-tested collection of materials, methods and ideas for teaching chess beginners in primary schools. The material is suitable for all teaching concepts: from guided lessons to workshop work with a wide range of suggestions for efficient internal differentiation, individual knowledge testing or innovative crossover concepts, for example for integrating chess into physical education. With the Fritz & Fertig learning software and the Fritz & Fertig chess workbooks for teachers and students, every teacher can organize exciting and effective chess lessons and learn chess together with the children, even without (!) any chess knowledge of their own.

The Fritz & Fertig Chess Workbook for Teachers offers:

  • Competency objectives for each learning unit
  • Technical explanations and additional information for all chapters
  • Examples of introductions, impulses, methods and classroom discussions
  • Solutions for all tasks in the teacher and student workbook
  • Copy templates for a possible individual knowledge check
  • Additional worksheets with tasks and game suggestions
  • Copy template as a »stamp sheet« for the weekly plan or workshop work
  • Information on individual learning modules in the Fritz & Fertig software
  • Additional games and exercises (also as a differentiation offer)
  • Stories and tales about chess
  • A4 132 pages