Fritz & Fertig Episode 4
Fritz & Fertig Episode 4
Fritz & Fertig Episode 4

Fritz & Fertig Episode 4

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Autor: Lengwenus, Björn; Hilbert, Joerg
Verlag: ChessBase
Sprache: German

For Windows only.

The Fritz & Fertig success story continues! Fritz & Fertig 4 - Chess for Extraterrestrials is the fourth installment of the globally successful and award-winning chess learning software for children. Together with Fred Fertig, Fritz and Bianca, advanced little chess fans embark on a truly intergalactic chess adventure. Whether it's the Queen's Gambit, pawn breakthrough or checkmate motifs: tactics, strategy and in-depth chess knowledge are taught in fun training units in a playful way.

Aliens beam Fritz and Bianca to the planet Chessbase. Only if the three earthlings win the tournament against the chess-mad greenies will they be allowed back to Earth. Luckily, chess expert Fred Fertig is currently on vacation in space...

Chess didactic content: opening training (Queen's Gambit), game analysis, mating motifs, tactical motifs (blockade, evacuation), strategy (space, time), endgame training (pawn breakthrough, passed pawns), draw strategies, chess variants (protest chess, dice chess) etc.

The Fritz & Fertig chess series has been licensed in over twenty countries and has received numerous international awards. In addition to CD-ROMs and a version for Nintendo DS, the series has also included non-fiction books, a chess game and chess puzzle blocks.

Jörg Hilbert has published numerous books as an author and illustrator. He is best known for the children's book musicals about Ritter Rost and the chess series Fritz & Fertig. Björn Lengwenus is a school principal in Hamburg and has been working as a youth chess coach for many years. Together with Hilbert, he designed the Fritz & Fertig series. In January 2009, Lengwenus received the German Chess Prize for his commitment to chess.

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at 32 bit color depth, CD-ROM drive, Windows® 7, 8, 10

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